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Suitjama pajama suit


  • With suitjamas you turn every night into a luxerious experience
  • Pajamas that feel very soft for ultimate comfort
  • Order your pajamas before 16:00 and tomorrow you’ll feel like a boss in your own home

The suitjama pajama suit by Mr Suit


With suitjamas you turn every night into a luxurious experience. Suitjamas pajama suit; tailored pajama suit, stylish appearance, wonderfully comfortable. You feel totally different in a Mr Suit pajama suit!

Are you still in your old boring pajama set? In an old shirt and some sloppy pants? And then you wonder why your partner is not that attractive to you? Rewind: Read the first part of this text again; tailored, stylish and comfortable pajama suit. Now think how you would look in Mr Suit suitjamas? You don’t only look different, you’ll feel different: Like a boss in your house and like a boss in your bed!

Buy suitjamas at Mr Suit

To buy your suitjamas pajama suit at Mr Suit is really easy, you can pay with your favorite payment method. We ship our pajamas worldwide. In most cases you’ll have them already the next day.

No man has to look like a slob in the evening, it’s an unmade choice. But that will now come to an end, starting tomorrow you will be a boss with your suitjama pajama suit!

Throw your boring old pajama set in the trash. With a suitjama by Mr Suit you look perfect, even in bed!


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Suitjamas, get yours

Suitjamas, the pajama suit we all know from Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Stylish like a boss in your own home, relaxed in the evening or even at nigh in bed. Never compromise on style!

But like Barney himself said, the suitjama is not very comfortable. We thought; why not combine style and comfort? With the suitjama you get both. We designed a perfectly tailored suit with a comfortable fit.

  • Relaxed for in the evening at home
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • High quality

Perfectly finished with the details of a tailored suit

Order your suitjama online at suitjama.co.uk. Order before 16:00 and delivery is the next day, so tomorrow you can feel like a boss in your suitjama pajama suit.

Feel like Barney Stinson

With the Suitjamas your days of sitting around your house in your old pajamas like a stonecold looser are finaly over.
Ordering your suitjamas pajamas now, is tomorrow delivered. Feel like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, the true HIMYM fans know the scene where he gets two hot girls at the door…

The suitjamas became tremendously populair, logical if your alternative is a boring looking pajama set. Or pajamas which are a combination of pajama trousers and an old shirt you got for free somewhere.
Pajamas like those are no match for your suitjamas. The most stylish and comfortable suitjamas available.

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