This is not a Suit.

Casual suit

Our tailoired suits are made in the Netherlands. We designed the suit from scratch, with the design approach not to make something formal, but to make something casual that suits. We created our Mr. Suit Casual suit. You can wear it like loungewear, on casual business events or even sleep in it and wear it as suitjamas. We make every suit according to your measurements. So provide us with your measurements and get your very first Mr. Suit.

  • High quality, environment friendly fabric
  • Made in the Netherlands (not just sewing a button on, we make it here)
  • Very comfortable, the fabric feels nice on your skin

Perfect finish with the details of a tailor-made suit

Every suit that we make is tailored to your measurements. That way we make sure your suit is just as unique as you are and fits you perfectly.

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Our suitjamas are sold out. Our new design suit is coming out in July!
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