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Wearing a suit might feel old-fashioned. It’s often to warm, uncomfortable and overdressed. In some cases wearing a suit is great, but in many more informal cases you want something different. You want a suit that isn’t really a suit. You want something with the look and feel of a suit, but with the comfort of casual clothing. We re-designed the suit from scratch and started with a different design objective. We don’t want to make the best, most beautiful suit, we want to make the best most wearable suit.

Wearing a suit on vacation

I first encountered this issue when I was in Vienna. This beautiful city is filled with people wearing stylish suits. When you go out for lunch on your holiday you sit there in a t-shirt, not blending in at all. I was forced to buy a new shirt there, but what I really wanted was to buy a suit.

When you’re on holiday you have time to walk around, explore places, go to restaurants and clubs. But you never look at your best doing it, because how can you take a suit with you on the plane?

We would like to introduce you to Mr Suit. A suit that is casual, made from environment friendly fabric that doesn’t wrinkle too much. A suit without all the extra’s that make it to warm and to uncomfortable, but still gives you the looks of a suit. A modern suit, made for the life we live today.

Comfortably stylish

With our journey we look for clothing that gives style. We’re always searching for “comfortably stylish”. You want to look good without feeling limited in your movements. You don’t want to sweat in 3 of 4 layers of fabric. You don’t want shoulder padding or other inherited elements from a hundred years ago. We tend to look with a fresh eye at fashion for men and with every decision we make we question: Will it make you look good and can you wear it comfortably?

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