A pajama suit is a combination between a suit and a pajama, like the word suitjamas already says. The details of a suit but the comfort of pajamas. The pajamas are perfectly tailord, in the design we have kept the design of a suit. The fabric, the details; everything looks like a suit. However the comfort is overwhelming. The suitjamas fit perfectly and are ideal as a house suit to wear on the couch in the evening. Also in bed suitjamas are a pleasure to wear. they’re like good quality pajamas, without compromising on style.

Barney Stinson suitjamas, improved!

The suitos suitjamas are extra comfortable without compromising style. We’ve listened to Barney Stinson, who rather slept in Marshall’s nightgown! Every How I Met Your Mother fan knows what scene we’re talking about!
Buy suitjamas from Mr Suit now, and be a boss in your own house tomorrow.

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